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 Hunter Douglas Duette SkyLift™ skylight shade


The lastest addition to our skylight shade line is Hunter Douglas’ Duette SkyLift™ skylight shade.  This skylight shade is available only in Duette cellular fabrics.  Operation is either motorized, or manual- with an extension pole or hand crank, if the shade is within your reach.

Skylift Skylight Shade

This product requires the measurement and installation by experienced professionals!  Let Superior Interiors do this for you.  We guarantee the fit and finish.

The motorized version is operated by batteries or plug in DC power supply.  SkyLift™ motorized can be operated by the PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ technology, which uses a hand held remote, wall switch or the Platinum APP, which is Apple® based.

The Skylift™ skylight shade has side tracks and top and bottom rails and gasketed all around to conform to variations of the installation location.  The location has to have 90 degree corners (no sloped walls at the installation point).  The action of the shade is controlled by a type of gear driven tape track. 

The minimum width is 12″ for manual and 17″ for motorized.  Minumum height is 12″.  The maximum size is 96″ x 120″, but the maximum area is determined by each particular fabric and also what operating system is desired.   Skylift™ is compatible with some 3/8″ cellular fabrics and all 3/4″ fabrics, but not the larger cell fabrics.  Let us help you with these decisions.  The main point is, that this shade can cover some very large skylights!


See the SKYLIGHT SHADE in action CLICK on the BLUE Words here to watch Video

Skylight Blinds Benefits..Superior Skylight Shade

Skylight Blinds are perfect for taking back your room from blinding and baking sun that makes it uncomfortable. Superior Skylight Shade™ ...Skylight shades are available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics and can be operated manually or motorized for skylight windows that are hard to reach.

We recommend Skylight shades to:

  • Save energy by lowering heating & cooling costs
  • Significantly reduce light in media rooms with sidetracks that block light
  • Reduce noise

Click on Here & Watch this Video ...SKYLIGHT SHADE

Light Filtering or Blackout Shades available


Motorized Skylight Shades by Superior

Motorized Skylight Shades offer the most amount of flexibility, especially for shades which are located higher than manual telescopic operating poles can reach. With the use of multiple unit remote controls and switches, a number of shades can be opened or closed at the same time. In addition, the programmable timer gives more flexibility and control options than ever offered before. Motororized skylight shades need to be custom ordered. Please Call Us  for more information. WE SHIP ANYWHERE

Motorized Skylight Shades are available with two power sources:

  • Battery Operated with a wand with 8 lithium batteries. These batteries generally last up to 2 years. The batteries are usually located behind the shade headrail. It is best to try to keep the batteries out of the sun. Also available are 48” or 96” cord extensions to aid in positioning the battery wand closer to the user.
  • Hard Wired with 120 Volt AC/DC power centers (transformers). The wires plug into the wires coming out of the shade headrail and are led to a convenient source of 120 volt AC current. An attic or closet location is the usual location to make this connection. The power center plugs into the 120 volt outlet or can be hard wired in a switch box.

The shades can be operated with various controls:

  • Single Unit Radio Frequency Remote Control
  • Four Channel Radio Frequency Remote Control
  • Single Unit wall mounted wireless switch
  • Four Unit wall mounted wireless switch
  • Single Channel Programable Timer

Remote controls and wall switches operate in the same manner. The wall switches are wireless and are powered by a battery. All controls operate up to 150 feet away from the shade even through walls, although not steel.

Motorized Skylight Shade Controls
Motorized skylight shades can be operated with various controls:

Click Here to WATCH Another Video....Notice How the Skylift Shade by Hunter Douglas keeps the SUN OUT but lets the Light In...